What is this website and what happened to the Sticky Rice RVA and Sticky Rice DC websites?

This website is what you could call the cultural hub of the Sticky Rice empire. This aggregates all of the online social activity of Sticky Rice and organizes it all in one place. You can still follow Sticky Rice on the various other websites and services, but think of this website as a one-stop shop. It’s also provides a nice introduction to the world of Sticky Rice for outsiders and the uninitiated.

As well, as you may have noticed, this domain used to house the Sticky Rice RVA website. The RVA website is now located at stickyricefan.com and the DC website is located, as always, at stickyricedc.com. Look for those websites to be redesigned soon.

Is Sticky Rice vegan friendly?

Yes, we have many options for all diets and allergies.

Is Sticky Rice kid friendly?

Yes, we love kids and they are always welcome—Even big kids after 10:30pm.

Can we rent out Sticky Rice?

Usually not, but call anyway (RVA 804 358 7870 / DC 202 397 7655).

Do you cater special events and weddings?

We are totally capable—most of this is handled through Sticky ToGo.

Can we make reservations?

Sorry, no reservations.

Where can I make a complaint?

Look in the mirror; life isn’t fair.

Do you sell t-shirts?

We like to, stay tuned.

Can I buy a gift certificate online?

No yet, ask our web designer. However, you can buy them at each location.