Sticky Rice was started by Jason Henry and John Yamashita with the intetions of creating a fun environment for themselves and others to work in. The two launched a restaurant and bar at the same time, mixing Asian and American food as well as drinks and DJs every night. Needless to say, things got stickyβ€”but, sticky in a good way.

August 31st, 1999, they got the keys. With brush and broom in hand, it began. Two weeks later the doors were open. Floods of people came in to see what was up, even though the menu hadn’t even been full conceptualized. Needless to say, after couple months of bumps and bruises, they figured something out.

It wasn’t until 2000 that they installed the sushi bar. With the help of some well-experienced sushi rollers, the sushi bar was a big hit.

Eventually, Sticky Rice DC opened. I don’t think there’s another place you can order a hundred dollars of sushi, eat Tater Tots with chop sticks and bang a gong for good luck.

It’s now 2009 and it still works. Sometimes better than the good ol’ days and sometimes not as good, but Sticky Rice has remained a very family-oriented, fun and unique place.

Thank you all,
John and Jason