150 weeks of doing the Caption Contest… what’s that, like 15 years? Ok, we’re not so great with math. Come to Sushi Heaven tonight for 1/2 off sushi from 10:30pm to 12:30 and we’ll show you what we’re good at. Here’s your winners…

From Sticky Rice DC…
dc A. Sterling Skeete – 12 Likes!

“The Most Interesting Man in the World *Scoffs* Ha! I am the most manly man in the world!”

From Sticky Rice Bmore…

bmore Jeannie Symington Zouck – 17 Likes!

“Bears-to-Go. Environmentally-friendly, fuel-efficient, 5-star safety rating. As long as you keep your appendages OUTSIDE of the vehicle at all times.”

From Sticky Rice RVA…

rva Jaron Clay – 13 Likes!

“I’m actually riding triple bareback if you count the fact I’m not wearing a condom!”

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